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I am a digital artist who utilizes both photo manipulation and digital painting to create professional and imaginative pre-made e-book covers and graphics.
All book covers utilize at least three separate stock sources which ensures that every cover is completely original.
When purchasing a pre-made e-book cover the author receives two choices of typography to complete their cover, one pre-made e-book cover with typography, your pre-made e-book's cover art, and your e-book title typography on a transparent background.
Once a pre-made e-book cover is sold, that cover no longer remains available for purchase.
All pre-made covers are formatted for digital e-book publishing.
Other art services for the busy author are also available.  These art services include 
Character Visualizations, Banners, Social Media Adverts, Wallpaper Scenes and Merchandise Graphics vary and are available per request. Examples of the above can be found under the Art Services tab on the menu bar.

Thank you for visiting, take your time and have a look around.


  • Custom Book Covers are not available at this time.

  • Pre-made E-Book Cover prices vary from $105- $25. THERE'S A COVER FOR EVERY SIZE BUDGET.

  • Prices are as marked and are sold "as-is".  Although, pre-made e-book covers are sold "as-is" in some instances hair color or clothing color can be changed, but skin color can not. Full backgrounds can not be changed, but props important to your book's plot can sometimes be added. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the changes. Each change or addition to the orginal cover art is $15.

  • Each pre-made e-book cover purchase includes: 1 pre-made e-book cover with typography, 1 pre-made e-book cover art with out title typography, and your book's title typography on a transparent background.

  • Paperback formatting is available for an additional fee of $100 - $75. A 6x9 Createspace template will be used unless a different template is supplied by the customer. Some e-book covers can be turned into wrap around covers while others may need to have a solid colored spine and back cover.

  • Pricing for Art Services vary on both service and complexity. Please use the contact form or e-mail to request a quote.

  • Please e-mail before purchasing a pre-made cover if you plan on using a coupon.

  • Secure payments are processed through PayPal.

  • ATTRIBUTIONS MUST BE LISTED SOMEWHERE WITH IN YOUR E-BOOK. This is non-negotiable and could be subject to copyright and creative common license infringements if not included.


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